Online chat rooms allow complete anonymity 
-Complete anonymity- 

You can tell strangers the things that you wouldn't ever want to reveal to your friends or family . 

You can release years of guilt and have the cathartic feeling of confessing 
 You can just talk about how you really feel...



Panel showing a the bottom of a computer screen and a keyboard. On the screen it shows an internet chat page. It says “POST YOUR MESSAGE FOR THE GROUP”
Underneath it in the left hand side of the screen it has a name : BeckyD157

Panel 2 shows some female hands reaching up to type on the keyboard
Panel 3 shows them hesitate and retreat a little
Panel 4 shows exactly the same panel as panel 1 – that is the hands have been removed
Panel 5 shows exactly the same picture as panel 1
Panel 6 shows the hands above the keyboard poised tentatively
Panel 7 shows the hands from a different angle. 
It is a bird’s eye view of the hands as they type on the keyboard
Panel 8 shows just the screen. 
The screen says: BeckyD157: I think about suicide a lot.

Page 2
Panel showing her hands typing and the words appear on the screen
Caption: I have been unhappy with my weight and appearance for a while.
Panel showing a close up on her eyes. You see the reflection of the screen in her eyes.
Caption: Supposedly I am "normal" weight, but nowadays normal is the new fat.

Panel showing a hand covering her nose. This is a side profile and ll you see are the eyes and the hand covering the nose. There should be glare from the computer screen on her face.
Caption: Also i have a bumpy nose.

Panel showing her shoes under the desk. They are trainers
Caption: I think I am so gross and that I will never find love.

Page 3
Panel showing the screen
I read that suicide is a call for help or a call for attention

I don’t believe that though because I don’t want attention.

Panel showing some hands being wrung together.
I just want to be left alone..

Panel showing the hands in a different position.
I just want everything to stop

Panel showing her head bent forward and her hand in her hair. The hair covers the face so that nothing is seen.
Caption: I can’t really see the point of carrying on when life is like this.

Panel showing the head raised to the screen. It is side profile and a hand obscures the face.
Caption: People say that life gets better when you are older. But people also say they wish they were kids again with no responsibilities

Panel all in black with the words:
I don’t know. I don’t care. I just want it all to end

The thing that worries me though… 
Page 4
The is a full page shot of the girl taken from the Point of View of the screen. You see that the writer is a little girl, who is not bad looking, but not stunning either. It shows that this has taken place in her bedroom and it has all the artifacts of a 10 year old’s bedroom, including teddy bears etc. She should be sad but one corner of her mouth is raised in a slight smile.
Caption: is that I am only 10
The suggested image is something like this: